Recent Books and Articles featuring work by Bossley Architects

2019 One Year Drawn, Pete Bossley

2018 Home New Zealand, October/November

2018 From Farm to Bush, Andrea Stevens, Habitus Living,Issue 41 September/November

2018 Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, Guy Marriage, Architecture New Zealand, May/June

2018 Across the Boards, Architecture New Zealand March/April

2017 Future by Design, Andre Powell, M2 Magazine, Issue 144

2016 City House Country House, John Walsh and Patrick Reynolds, Godwit Publishing

2016 Finding Balance, Andrea Stevens, Indesign, Issue 64

2015 Living Large by The Bay, Aimie Cronin, Home, Dec 2015

2015 Small House Living, Catherine Foster, Penguin Books

2015 10 [+ 1] Entrevistas Disciplinares, Claudio Magrini, Universidad Diego Portales

2015 Thinking in Colour, Henry Oliver, Home NZ, Feb 2015

2014 House of the Year Magazine, Master Builders NZ

2014 Crimson Cabin, Emma Wheaton, Grand Designs Australia Nov 2014

2014 Space and Elegant Living II, Hightone books, China

2014 Bungalow, from Heritage to Contemporary, Nicole Stock, Random House

2014 Houses Now – Material Style, Images publishing, Australia

2014 Yeni Zelanda’nin, Arredamento Mimarlik Issue 3, No. 277

2014 Hawaiian Logic, Andrea Stevens, Habitus Issue 23

2014 Sklana Forteca, Swiat Rezydencji, Poland, March 2014

2014 Museum Design, Cody Chen, SendPoints Publishing, Guangzhou, China

2013 Artistic Sensibilities, Habitat issue 19, summer 2013/14

2013 Business North Newspaper, Karen Phelps, Waterford Press, Christchurch

2013 Beach Houses, Michelle Galindo, Braun Publishing, Switzerland

2013 Architecture now! Houses, Philip Jodidio, Taschen, Cologne

2012 Converted Houses, Lucinda Diack, Penguin Books

2012 Big Houses Small Houses – New Homes by New Zealand Architects, John Walsh + Patrick Reynolds, Random House Publishing

2012 Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand, Carol Buckwell + Sally Tag

2012 The World’s Best Beach Houses, Mandy Herbert, Images Publishing

2012 Design Driven, Homes NZ, Aug/Sep 2012

2012 NZIA Gold Medal Winner Pete Bossley, Architecture NZ

2012 The Provocateur, Metro, June 2012

2012 The Ongoing Exploration, Home NZ, June/July

2012 My Happy Place, Herald on Sunday, June 3 2012

2012 Designs to lift the spirits, Dominion Post Your Weekend liftout, May 26 2012

2012 Down to Earth, Habitus, Issue No 15 April – June

2011 200 Houses, Mark Cleary, Images Publishing Group, Australia

2011 Rural Renewal, Home NZ, Oct/Nov

2011 Voyager NZ Maritime Museum Extension in Auckland, Papyrus, Vol 12, No. 1 Spring-Summer

2011 Ground Effect, Habitus, Issue 11 April – June

2011 Minding the Gaps, Home NZ, April/May

Recent Writings and Publications by Pete Bossley

2015 Urban Housing, Design Guide 2015

2010 Houses, Ideas and Resisting the Natural, Interstices 10, A Journal of Architecture and Related Arts

2005 Pete Bossley Architects monograph, NZ Publishing Trust

2005 Modern Interpretation, James Caesbere review, Urbis Summer 2005

1998 Te Papa, an architectural adventure, Te Papa Press

1998 Dialogue, NZIA Cross Section, June

1998 Container Ship, Architecture NZ, Jan, critique of Renxo Piano Museum, New Metropolis, Amsterdam

1998 On Change…Unitec Journal, winter

1997 The Designing of Te Papa, Architecture NZ, Feb