Pauanui Beach House

The existing house is located in the old part of Pauanui, set well back from the beach. The original house was designed in the 1980s by Graham Pitts. The clients brief included an extended living area, a new bathroom to cater for the influx of family and friends that come to stay over the holiday season, and a total modernisation of the existing building inside and out.

The original roofs, stainless steel pergolas, and window and door joinery which dated the structure, were removed and an insitu concrete fin, hoods and balcony with interlaced timber were added to give the form of the building some relief in elevation.

An exterior space to catch afternoon sun was defined at the rear of the building. A new steel frame with sunshades and an insitu concrete fireplace were added, and the decking extended to make a strong connection down the side of the house to the outdoor areas at the front of the house and to the beach.

The colour palette for this addition and renovation is kept light and silvery. The birch plywood cabinetry and splashes of green and blue add a lightness and freshness appropriate to this reinvigorated and enlivened beach house.