Winner of a competition which did not proceed beyond the design phase, this scheme for the redevelopment of the Queenstown campsite proposed an urban development integrated into the existing townscape patterns, as well as reinforcing the flow of landscape from mountain to lake. Existing rock outcrops and trees were included, as were vehicular and pedestrian links.

Facilities included 124 apartments of community housing, 77 private apartments, an 18 room 5 star boutique hotel, a 107 room 3 star hotel, public restaurant and a semi-public sports facility of swimming pool and gymnasium.

The character of the building locations and landscape design reinforced the massing of the mountains behind the site, and the façades were articulated as abstract representations of schist in its natural formations; horizontal layers of slithers of stone in a variety of textures and colours. The horizontal fragmentation of the façade, achieved with a palette of linked terraces, bays and projecting window hoods, and by a range of different textures and colours, offered a great variety within an economic range of pre-cast and pre-fabricated elements.

Consultants included Walker Co-Partnership, Baxter Design Group (Landscape) and ECubed Mechanical and sustainability design.