Multi-unit Housing

We have a strong commitment to multi-unit housing, and have been involved in various ways to help the development of housing alternatives to suit the way New Zealanders live. This includes preparation of Design Guidelines for large scale masterplanning developments, attendance on Design Review Panels for City Council and private developers, and the design of different archetypes either theoretically to test options or for actual sites.

For Ngati Whatua in Orakei Headland, Auckland, we developed Guidelines which incorporated spiritual connections to the land and the way Maori occupants may live, addressed intergenerational issues and how they may affect 5-story apartment design, child safety and many others.

At Vinegar Lane in Auckland we were engaged to test the Design Guidelines with prototype building designs, and also have been on the Design Review Panel since inception of the development. We have also designed four and five storey apartment buildings for 3 different sites, two of which are under construction.

At Hobsonville Point we have designed over 100 units, of which more than 30 have been completed or are under construction. These include terraces, three-storey walkups and apartments.

For Housing New Zealand, we have designed a variety of infill housing schemes, in which different housing types have been inserted onto sites which were previously underutilised with single family houses. These include two-story terraces, clusters of terraces and duplexes designed to fit within low budget social housing parameters.