For many years we have been involved in the development of a beautiful headland in the Bay of Islands, converting it from a barely viable farm to a series of sites on revegetated shared land. Working closely with planners Boffa Miskell, we analysed the land into a series of site types, such as bay, hillside and ridge sites. We then prepared Design Guidelines for each type, which were further modified as they were applied to each of the seventeen individual house sites. These guidelines were more demanding than those set by the local authorities, but they were more relevant to the land in question.

As well as the overall planning, we converted the existing Woolshed and Shearers Quarters to become luxury lodge accommodation and shared facilities for the site, designed the new Managers House, Boatsheds and Implement areas. We also designed the entry and a series of marker walls at significant nodes around the site. For these we developed a concrete from local materials known as Bentzen Concrete (after the previous owners) as a way of identifying the unique qualities of the locale.

After only 5 years, the regrowth of native plantings on the land is developing quickly, as can be seen from the images of the original farmland and the revegetation on the slopes. Bossley Architects continues to be involved in the ongoing construction of buildings, for the overall development and for individual houses on the privately owned sites.