​Te Rawhiti Marae

Expansion of this well known marae in the Bay of Islands has been carefully designed to provide a larger wharenui and dining areas, whilst still respecting the values and aesthetics of the space and the existing house, which is small, unique and much loved. Careful recognition of Iwi values led to a large and modern addition which reinforces the diminutive wharenui. In plan the complex fans out from the existing house, and in elevation the roofs are low around the wharenui and rise gently away and up towards the surrounding valley slopes.

Expansive verandahs provide space for large gatherings and link the complex to the road in front and the beach beyond. A generous covered area caters for outdoor cooking and hangis adjacent to the large kitchen. Teaching and carving facilities and a caretaker's cottage complete the ensemble.

This project is in the Resource Consent phase.

See the Marae's website here