Shore Exhibition Centre

Bossley Architects (with Tony van Raat) were engaged by the North Shore City Council and The Shore Exhibition Centre to design an Art Gallery for the North Shore of Auckland. It involves the conversion of the existing 1960’s modernist Takapuna Library building into a gallery.

The existing two-storey section will be restored to maintain and enhance many of the original modernist features of the building. A new three-story tower will sit alongside the existing. This element adopts the approach of the original, in that it expresses itself as a building of its own era, rather than attempting to mimic the original building. It is composed of different facade treatments, which enliven the overall composition by virtue of scale, colour and movement, and expand the sense of transparency expressed by the earlier building.

The sense of openness in the new section of the building is reinforced by revealing internal movements and activity to the street, including the vertical movement of the goods/passenger lift, movement of people up and down the glazed staircase, and the opening shutters which allow views and connection to the water from the upper level.