Raglan Footbridge

BA worked with Aurecon Bridge Engineering section to design a new footbridge linking the Raglan township with the camping ground and facilities to the west of the river mouth. The 50 year old footbridge was seriously decayed and need replacing.

Different options were explored which had a variety of urban design implications at the township end of the bridge, offering different connections to the street pattern of the town.

After public consultation a simple option was selected which essentially replaced the existing bridge. It located just alongside to enable the old bridge to continue to operate during construction of the new.

The new bridge is higher than the old, to enable more boat traffic underneath, with fewer supports to minimise disruption to the sea floor. The balustrades were treated in a variety of colours to reflect the tones of the sea and surrounding flora, and to give the bridge a unique visual language, both during the day and also when artificially lit at night.

Jumping off the bridge is a national pastime, and has continued with renewed vigour upon the completion of the new bridge!