Fred Hollows Foundation Eye Clinic

Bossley Architects has been assisting the Fred Hollows Foundation achieve its admirable goals in the South Pacific. In an attempt to alleviate eye problems and many associated health issues, the Foundation plans to erect a number of eye clinics on islands throughout the Pacific Islands. The clinics will range in size and will incorporate surgeries, examination rooms and support facilities.

Because of the remote nature of some of the sites, the buildings will be of modular construction, fabricated in New Zealand and erected onsite. BA have worked closely with the Stanley Group, who are leaders in the prefabricated construction industry in New Zealand, to design an efficient yet robust series of modules which can be erected in a number of formats.

The designs incorporate sustainable features to minimise energy use and running costs, with wide open porches and a double roof which increases protection from solar gain whilst encouraging cooling from natural ventilation. Other features such as solar heating, recycled wastewater and low energy electrical fittings will be incorporated.

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