Auckland War Memorial Museum

Bossley Architects was engaged to investigate feasibility options for major revisions to the Auckland Museum building, originally designed in 1929 by Grierson, Aimer and Draffin, and extended in 2003 by Noel Lane and PTA.

Significant issues of circulation and wayfinding have been identified, along with a need to simplify workplace adjacencies throughout the Museum.

Bold initiatives were called for to simplify the organisation of the building, for visitors in the public exhibition areas, and for staff in back-of-house areas. Storage facilities were also in need of rationalisation.

Five major broad brush moves were designed to achieve the intended goals. These included vertical and horizontal circulation routes, the introduction of a dramatic north-south ‘Boulevard’ linking both ends of the building, more user-friendly north and south entries, and ‘completion’ of the suspended timber-clad ‘Bowl’ by making it more visible from 360 degrees, opening the lower level of the Bowl up to view and incorporating it into prime public circulation routes.

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