Jackson Russell

Jackson Russell, one of Auckland’s longest serving legal firms, recently selected BA to design the interiors of their new office space in L13 of the AXA building in Shortland Street, Auckland.

The project, to house a total of 40 partners and staff, was designed to offer a stylish and efficient atmosphere, whilst also being welcoming and comfortable for visitors and clients. BA was involved early in the process, preparing diagrams which analysed the existing Jackson Russell organisation and the relationships between the various groups within the firm. These were then used to assist with the selection of various office tenancies.

Once the site was chosen, the project was designed and constructed within a very tight timeframe, to enable the firm to leave the previous tenancy before the contracted deadline. BA worked closely with project managers and contractors to ensure the project was on time and within budget.

Workspace furniture was supplied by locally designed and constructed IMO, generally white steel with timber accents.