Greenways Auckland

Bossley Architects have been involved in the founding of the Greenways Incorporated Society and designing a series of cycleways and walking paths around Auckland which offer safe and pleasant spaces independent of the roading system, or safer lanes on existing roads.

The vision is for a city connected by beautifully designed, constructed and planted pathways for the exclusive use of cyclists and pedestrians. It offers a network of safe, pleasant routes (or Greenways) for people to move between neighbourhoods, away from the noise and pollution of busy roads.

At the core of the project is a 50km link which circles the city, connected by a detailed network of links offering a variety of spaces for efficient travel around the city, and for relaxed recreation.

It is envisaged the network will be developed incrementally, with various projects being adopted as appropriate. Specific projects such as the redefinition of Ponsonby Road, or the Purewa Station and bridge, will be the focus of initial debate and development.