Bossley Architects were included on the shortlist of five groups to design the NZ Pavilion for Expo2020 in Dubai. Our team included GHD Creative Spaces, Workshop e, Derek Kawiti and Thoughtfull. In response to the brief to exhibit New Zealand as a great place to do business with and to expose NZ innovation to the world, we elected to demonstrate the Transparency and honesty of the New Zealand commercial and cultural environment.

To express this we proposed a contemporised version of the wonderful Maori invention, the Hakiri frames which were built for special events of celebration, negotiation and commerce. Our update was developed as a floating exploded frame which became more and less dense to create the various spaces and activities the visitors would experience. The frame was housed within a vast floating outer skin of membrane, covering the whole site and supported on only four columns.

This outer frame has a double skin which provides solar protection and a chimney effect for natural ventilation, while the roof is covered in photo voltaic panels. Dramatic lighting between the skins provides constantly changing colours for the external and internal viewer.

Much New Zealand innovation is incorporated. For example, the ground plane which flows continuously from the approach promenade up to a raised atea, is fabricated of concrete incorporating aggregate made totally from re-cycled plastic, a New Zealand invention which is soon to become a readily available product.

See the Expo2020 Dubai website here