Lammermoor House

    Lammermoor House

A large and busy family required extensive alterations to their 1970’s house which had small dark spaces with unsatisfactory relationships to the existing outdoor areas of swimming pool and tennis court. The entire lower floor was opened up to create light-filled flexible spaces which can be separated with sliding panels that slide away into wall pockets. A new stair and void with skylight over provides light to the centre of the house and connection between levels.

Existing small french doors with low head heights were removed and replaced with full-height sliding doors to enable the house to be opened to the outdoor living areas.

A double height pergola was added to unify the jumbled forms of the existing house. It wraps around the north of the house to create an intermediary space between the inside and outside of both levels, and also connect the upper and lower levels. The outdoor fireplace is treated as a sculptural element and defines the edge of the exterior room. A new spa pool, retiled swimming pool, terraces and landscaping create a relaxed environment for energetic family life.