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Window Association of New Zealand Design Flair Awards

by Administrator 25. June 2014 09:27

Bossley Architect's project Arruba is the national winner for the residential $15,000 - $50,000 catetgory at this years Window Association of New Zealand's annual awards, for the windows developed with Intext Architectural Systems.

The Judges commented;

"For a small project in a tough coastal environment, this definetly has the "wow" factor. With colour changes, canted windows with louvres, skewed roof lights being double glazed units with cranked knee joints, this obviously set some challenges for the manufacturer. Clearly close liason between the key players, the use of shop drawings and custom detailing and flashing was crucial to the success of this vibrant bach."

NZ at the Venice Architecture Biennale

by Administrator 16. June 2014 14:57

Mir and Pete attended the 2014 Architectural Biennale in Venice, where NZ is represented for the first time. One of Bossley Architects' projects, the Island Complex is featured in the 6 month long exhibition. At the launch guests were led in to the Palazzo exhibition space in traditional Maori fashion. The exhibition has been well received and attended. It was voted amongst the top 25 (out of around 90) by Wallpaper, and will be wonderful exposure for NZ Architecture and the country in general.


by Administrator 13. June 2014 10:33

In the current publication of Block - A newsletter by the Auckland NZIA, there's an insightful article about the Pavilion we designed and John Scott's House in Havelock North written by Pip Cheshire.

You can read the entire article here, Block 05-2014.pdf (1.41 mb)

Fold House in the Bay of Islands

by Administrator 10. June 2014 10:34

This large holiday house at Omarino was completed recently, and has been photographed by Simon Devitt, here's a couple of the shots.

Cable Bay Mosaics

by Administrator 6. June 2014 14:49

Some beautiful mosaic walls designed by Miriam van Wezel have been completed at the Cable Bay house.

St Heliers House

by Administrator 3. June 2014 12:13

The renovations at St. Heliers are almost complete, with a new spiral staircase too.

Bay of Islands House

by Administrator 28. May 2014 10:45

The Holiday House we're building in Waipohutukawa Bay is progressing, with striking terracotta coloured cladding going up recently.  

Okitu House

by Administrator 23. May 2014 09:13

Bossley's Okitu house has been named #4 in mporas 7 insane surf lodges, see them all here.

Progress at Cable Bay

by Administrator 20. May 2014 10:48

The construction at Cable Bay is progressing, and it's beginning to look a lot more like a house.

Arruba gets National Award

by Administrator 16. May 2014 11:53

We are delighted that Arruba, the red and yellow bach on the south coast of the Manukau Harbour, was awarded the NZ National Small Projects Award at the 2014 Institute of Architect’s Awards, Friday May 9th. The judges described the project as "a cheerful rebellion against the trend of holiday house beige.…the encampment-style occupation of the site, made explicit by the discrete positioning of the new building, is a further reference to the relaxed disposition of the vernacular bach. Delightful in itself, the red box is a sophisticated response to context and typological precedent; in the nicest possible and most appropriate way, it may be described as ‘awkwardly perfect’".